`World Hopping Pirates and a Damsel in Distress.

the thick plottens.

Изумительное название для очередной фантастики из копилочки "Фэнтези Н. Перумова", дамы и господа :lol:
Но я принесла вам нечто гораздо более изумительное и прекрасное.

Это броманс. Но это не простой броманс, а вовсе даже золотой. В нем задействованы две няши фандома, на которых активно фапают все девы в возрасте от пяти до пятидесяти лет, и Сара Болгер в роли Авроры, которую эта же половина фандома по вполне определенным причинам недолюбливает.
Всем красоты хмурым понедельничным вечером.
ПЧ, милые, я все понимаю. Терпите, недолго осталось.

“How do we even know she’s The Sleeping Beauty? Maybe she’s just taking a nap.”
“Were you dropped on your head as an infant?”
“Okay so if she is the sleeping princess, how exactly do you plan to wake her?”
“Well how much do you know about faeries?”

[AU] Hook and Jefferson are world hopping pirates, stealing the most precious treasures these worlds can provide. When they hear the tale of The Sleeping Beauty they just can’t resist the lure of the jewel of The Sands, Aurora. However, once the princess wakes not all goes to plan and she ends up joining the duo on their adventures.

“So Princess, are you ready to get to work?”
“What makes you think I’m willing to help you? You kidnapped me!”
“I thought we had agreed on the term rescued? Well never mind. In answer to your question sweetheart, I guess I’ll just have to persuade you.”
“Your charm may work on your average wench pirate but it’ll take a lot more than that for me to help scoundrels like you.”
“Scoundrels? Oh this could be fun. Maybe you were right Killian, she can stay for awhile.”

“So, how’s persuading the princess to help going?”
“Not very well. I think it’s time you talk to her.”
“What makes you think she’ll listen to me?”
“Oh please, you can sell gold to Midas if you tried.”
“We’ll have to test that one day but okay, leave the princess to me.”

“You know Princess I’m quite surprised you don’t want to join us.”
“Why is that?”
“Because I bet your pretty little head is full of so many adventures. You’ve probably read every book, heard every story and I bet you soaked up every word. You’ve dreamt of having adventures of your own and now’s your chance. There are worlds out there just waiting for you so what’s stopping you?”

This One Time in OZ (Prequel)

“She’s green.”
“You know Jefferson sometimes I don’t know how I would survive without your incredible observation skills.”

“NO! We are not taking the monkey with us!”

“So what exactly is the plan?” (A)
“You distract, we steal.” (K)
“I like it. Simple, easy to remember.” (J)

“You know for your first time, that wasn’t half bad Princess. We’ll make a pirate out of you yet.”

И последнее, от которого я, всхлипывая, сползла под стол (лицо Киллиана бесценно, черт возьми!):

“So I was wondering, what exactly does a princess do all day?”
“Excuse me?”
“As always Jefferson your skills with women astound me.”

@музыка: John Williams - Window to the Past

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2012-12-18 в 10:55 

Lerney, даа *-* мне так понравилось это на тумбочке)))
придумали же такую прелесть *-*

2012-12-18 в 16:56 

burrito of sarcasm
все хотят приключений кэпа и шляпника))

2012-12-18 в 20:23 

the thick plottens.
MrMsSlippers, я готова долго и вдумчиво любить автора. Она прекраснее рассвета над Чернобылем, я уже жажду моар коллажиков :inlove:

Кхм, да я бы тоже не отказалась ;)


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